About Images

Images is a non-commercial Web site created for everyone who enjoys movies and popular culture. Images is published quarterly; however, new reviews will appear each week, so check back often.

We created Images because we saw a void in the market place. Most film journals concentrate on recent movies, occasionally including an article about movies of the past, but more likely than not, confined exclusively to the most recent releases.

And movie magazines that do feature articles on the past, usually offer few insights into why a particular movie or actor grabbed our attention. More likely than not they simply recycle articles that flatly and plainly describe an actor or director's experience with a certain studio or with a certain project, but offering no insights into why that actor or director was worthy of discussing in the first place. With this approach, all artists are equally important. Why? Because they exist.

Well, we aren't happy with that approach. We want to understand the world we live in. We want to understand why a particular actress appealed to the audience. Or why a particular movie has remained a vital part of our culture while other movies of the same time period (possibly more popular ones in their time) have faded away. We believe in questioning our surroundings. In short, Images is for people who don't just passively watch movies.

So, if you've ever said, "Oh, why can't we just enjoy movies and not analyze them so much," well, this site might not be your cup of tea. Sorry. But we'd also hope that if you stick with us, you'd see the validity of an approach that tries to better understand movies and popular culture because through better understanding comes increased appreciation.

Thanks for taking a look at Images. We hope you like it.

Publisher: Gary Johnson
Editors: Grant Tracey, Elizabeth Abele, David Ng, and Craig Fischer.