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Cleopatra Jones: 007


Note: Many of these Web sites come and go without warning, so if you discover any dead links please let us know. Also, if you discover any good Web sites devoted to blaxploitation, please send us the URLs.

Homepage for the Black Film Center/Archive at Indiana University. THE place for research on black film and related areas. A must for anyone interested in black culture and film.

Shaft Homepage. One of the best sites devoted to the most famous of blaxploitation films.

Article on the emergence and resurrgence of blaxploitation and negative stereotyping.

Article by Kelly McCollum entitled "Hey, I'm just writin' about SHAFT" about the film and its influence.

An excellent sketch of blaxploitation history by Gary Morris, from Bright Lights Film Journal.

The best Pam Grier homepage with pictures, movie posters, filmography and biography. She was the star of such films as Foxy Brown, Coffy, and Scream, Blacula, Scream .

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The Emergence of Blaxploitation 

Page 2
The Emergence of Blaxploitation

Cleopatra Jones: Black, Beautiful, and Bond

Page 3
Cleopatra Jones:
Black, Beautiful, and Bond

Live and Let Die: Bring On the Black Guys

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Live and Let Die:
Bring On the Black Guys

Interplay of the Texts

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The Interplay of the Texts

Interplay of the Texts

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