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Italian Horror


Italian Horror Web Links

AWCM: The Amazing World of Cult Movies. A genre film review Web site run by Robert Firsching. One of the best sources on the Web for information about cult movies. Features reviews of dozens of Italian horror movies.

A Fistful of Dario is probably the best of the Italian horror Web sites devoted to a specific filmmaker. Great stuff.

Il Fantastico Homepage di Goblin is an interesting site for the synth-pop group behind the Suspiria soundtrack.

Mortado's Page of Filth contains some Fulci info and pages on Argento and Anna Falchi. He also has a gallery of eyeball violence photos, many from Fulci.

Flesh and Blood is a terrific Eurohorror magazine covering everything from Bigas Luna to Mariano Baino.

Shocking Images is endorsed by Antonella Fulci and has some worthwhile material about her late grandpa, but is not exclusively a Euro site.

Delirium (The Essential Guide to Bizarre Italian Cinema) is the Web site for a print magazine that concentrates on bizarre Italian movies of the '70s and '80s. The Web site provides brief notes on the existing issues of Delirium and information about ordering back issues. You'll also find an extensive gallery of video cover artwork.


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Italian Horror: A Brief Introduction

Mario Bava: The Illusion of Reality

Mario Bava's Rabid Dogs

Mario Bava Biography

The Horrible Dr. Hichcock

The Devil's Commandment

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The Bloody Pit of Horror

Italian Horror in the Seventies


Italian Horror Web Links


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