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Slapstick Encyclopedia
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Lions break free of their cages in "Circus Today."
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Volume 7
The Race is On!

Volume 7 of "Slapstick Encyclopedia" features some of the most frantic and dizzying comedies in this entire set. In this volume, you'll see escaped lions, boat races, train chases, and much more.

"Teddy at the Throttle" (1916) stars a young Gloria Swanson and a devilish Wallace Beery. She ends up tied to the railroad tracks, thanks to Beery, while her boyfriend rides to the rescue. But will he reach her in time? This comedy features a famous stunt where the train can't stop in time and it rolls over Swanson--who ducks under the cattle guard in the nick of time.

"Circus Today" (1926) allows Billy Bevan and Andy Clyde free reign at a circus. They play laborers who are called upon to fill in on the trapeze and on the high-dive platform. As can be expected, nothing goes right. Eventually, all the circus lions are running loose.

Sid Smith stars in "Water Wagons" (1926) and "Outbound" (1924). In the former, he plays a go-getter sailor who helps Andy Clyde build and race a speed boat. And in the latter, he gets a job driving a truck. When he backs up the truck, however, his cargo (two telegraph poles) slides through the neighbor's window and picks up a bed--along with the neighbor!

"Chasing Choo Choos" (1927) is an excerpt from a feature-length comedy by Monty Banks. The excerpt is fairly uneventful until a chase scene begins, and then some truly astounding comedy takes place. Banks performs some incredible stunts aboard a moving train. He hangs precariously onto the side of the railroad cars, and he runs across their tops while water from a tower gushes just inches behind him. It's surprising he wasn't maimed in the process.


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Vol.1: In the Beginning:
Film Comedy Pioneers

Vol.2: Keystone Tonight!
The Mack Sennett Comedies

Vol.3: Funny Girls

Vol.4: Keaton, Arbuckle and St. John

Vol.5: Chaplin & Co.
The Music Hall Tradition

Vol.6: Hal Roach: The Lot of Fun

Vol.7: The Race is On!

Vol.8: Tons of Fun:
Comedy's Anarchic Fringe


"Slapstick Encyclopedia" is an eight-cassette boxed set from KINO ON VIDEO. Each video has a running time of approximately two hours. Volume 1: "In the Beginning: Film Comedy Pioneers." Volume 2: "Keystone Tonight! The Mack Sennett Comedies." Volume 3: "Funny Girls." And Volume 4: "Keaton, Arbuckle and St. John." Volume 5: "Chaplin & Co.: The Music Hall Tradition." Volume 6: "Hal Roach: The Lot of Fun." Volume 7: "The Race is On!" Volume 8: "Tons of Fun: Comedy's Anarchic Fringe." Suggested retail price: $24.95 each. For more information, we suggest you check out the Kino Web site:


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