Web Links

Here is a modest collection of links to Web sites. These are some of the sites that we find most useful.

Web Journals/Magazines

Bright Lights Film Journal--One of the best film journals on the Web. Bright Lights began as a print journal, and it now makes the transition to Web-only status.

Film.com--This Web site provides reviews of new theatrical releases, information about video releases, articles, interviews, and discussion boards.

Hollywood Online--A commercial Web site with great sections devoted to upcoming movies and videos. You'll find photos, audio clips, videos, multimedia, and much more. Their movie page is a great resource for keeping track of Hollywood news.

Senses of Cinema--A Web film journal from Australia that has published a wide selection of articles.

24framespersecond.com--This e-zine prints reviews of recent movies and accepts reviews for publication.


The All-Movie Guide features a large, searchable database of movie information. It might not be as vast as the Internet Movie Database, but their bios and movie descriptions are far superior.

Internet Movie Database--The best site on the internet for movie information. It's an indispensable source when you need a recently updated list of movie credits for a specific artist or information on a recent movie. In particular, we find their Upcoming Movie Releases page and their movie studios links to be helpful.

Movie Review Query Engine--If you're looking for movie reviews of a current release, here's an excellent search engine that will lead you to most reviews published on the Web. Cinemachine features a similar search engine.

Movie Site Web Directories

Cinema Sites--An outstanding collection of links to movie-related Web sites.

CineMedia--As comprehensive a collection of movie Web links as you could hope for. No annotations, though.

Sarah Zupko's Movie House--An excellent, well-chosen index of movie-related Web sites (with short annotations). Be sure to also check out her Cultural Studies Center for additional links to popular culture Web sites.

The Site of Movie Magazines contains an extensive list of links for magazines, e-zines, and book publishers.

Movie Previews

Cinema1--A good resource for keeping up with new releases.

Coming Attractions--Are you looking for gossip about a movie currently in production? "Coming Attractions" is the place to go. Loads of info, some of it of dubious merit, but hey, that's part of the fun.

MovieWEB--This Web site features a short synopsis of each movie, along with photos and QuickTime trailers. Their Movie Preview Page and their links to movie studio Web sites are particularly helpful.

Upcomingmovies.com--One of the most comprehesive sources on the Web for information about new releases. An essential site for keeping track of what's on the horizon.

DVD News and Previews

DVD File--Lengthy news pages cover annoucements of new releases. An essential Web resource for DVD enthusiast.

DVD Review--This site reviews many new releases and posts news about announced releases. Tons of reviews and other features.

DVD Easter Eggs--Here is the essential source for discovering hidden features on DVDs.

The Cinema Laser--This site contains extensive news archives and other DVD news and information. Contains over 700 reviews.

Special Interest Web Sites

The Astounding B Monster--A great Web site devoted to sci-fi, horror, and cult movies of the fabulous '50s. Beautifully designed by Marty Baumann.

Hong Kong Cinema--This Web site will keep you up-to-date with what's going on in Hong Kong movies.

The Silents Majority--An excellent source for information on silent movies. You'll find a huge photo gallery, lobby cards, posters, biographies, book reviews, video reviews, QuickTime videos, and news about silent screenings from around the world.

SOFIA (Study Of Film as Internet Application)--For internet users with little or no experience in film studies, this Web site allows you to study both the technical and academic sides of film.

Print Journals with Web Sites

Film & History--The Web site contains some book and film reviews and information about the journal, but for the complete goods, you'll need to get your hands on the print version.

Screen is one of the essential film journals for lovers of scholarly criticism. The Web site provides a brief description of the contents of each issue with information about ordering back issues.

Video Eyeball--Video Eyeball finds great but overlooked or forgotten films available on tape and laserdisc to recommend to movie lovers. The Web site doesn't contain the complete contents of the print journal but it contains more than enough to whet your appetite.

Video Watchdog--The Web site simply contains information about the print version of Video Watchdog. If you aren't familiar with this magazine, you're missing one of the great resources for lovers of fantastic video.

Video Distributors

Anchor Bay Entertainment releases a wide selection of movies on VHS and DVD. Their releases include the Hammer Collection, the Dario Argento Collection, and other rare cult items.

The Criterion Collection features one of the world's best catalogs of silent and foreign movies. They always work from the best available source material. Criterion Collection releases are usually only available on DVD.

Image Entertainment manufactures and distributes DVDs, laserdiscs, and VHS videotapes. Their catalog includes many choice cult, silent, and foreign movies.

Kino International has an outstanding collection of restored silent movies, such as the movies of Buster Keaton and the shorts of Charlie Chaplin. Their catalog also includes numerous classic foreign films, as well as choice recent releases.

Video Stores

Critics' Choice Video features a large selection of movies on VHS and DVD, including many rare releases unavailable from other video retailers.

Facets Video is one of the nation's largest distributors of art, classic, cult, foreign and hard-to-find videos. Facets' video library consists of over 27,000 titles, all of which are available for purchase through mail order. Facets also offers a rent-by-mail service.

Ken Crane's Laserdiscs/DVDs features 20 percent discounts all titles. You can order discs on-line and download their complete catalog.

Movies Unlimited--Their Web site features a sampling from their huge catalog of over 45,000 different titles in every imaginable category, including classics from the past, musicals, foreign films, B-Westerns, movie serials, TV shows, and much more. (You'll have to shell out $8.95 for the full printed catalog, but you'll get a $5.00 coupon for your first order.)

Reel.com features a huge selection of mainstream Hollywood movies and a wide variety of cult, classic, hard-to-find, foreign, and art-house films.

Sinister Cinema has a large selection of public domain titles, with an emphasis on horror, sci-fi, and B-Westerns.

Video Search of Miami specializes in providing cult cinema and exploitation flicks. They're a bit pricey, but for bizarre cinema, they're one of the best resources.

More Web Links

In addtion, we have several additional Web links pages devoted to specific topics. These topics include